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Story of Tides

Release Date: 27th August

Germany's Constantin Film presents the first film 'Tides', a post-apocalyptic science fiction story co-written and directed by the Swiss Tim Fehlbaum.
Year    :   2021
By    :   United Atates of America
Slogan    :   Wasteland's remaining populace
Genre    :   Sci-Fi, Thriller
Time    :   1h 50min. / 2:22
Budget    :   $80 000 000
Age    :   13+

Rating:   IMDb  / 6.5

Tides Full Movie PG-A14

The Colony is Tides what would happen if we mixed the mythical Waterworld with any thriller type Tides you can think of. It is the new science fiction and intrigue film made by Tim Fehlbaum (Hell, Tides) and that has in its cast Nora Arnezeder from Army of the Dead and Iain Glen from Game of Thrones. This week we had the opportunity to take a look at his first preview, as well as his official synopsis:

“The cataclysmic conditions on Earth forced a mass exodus to a distant planet. Generations later, a manned mission returns to assess the living conditions in the desolate world, mostly submerged”, is what we can read in the official synopsis from The Colony, which even makes us think of television series like The 100, where an expedition is also sent to see if our planet can be habitable again or not.

However, unsurprisingly, Tides raid is not going to be successful: “The only survivor of the expedition is attacked by a violent band of scavengers, themselves locked in a battle with a much more sinister enemy. Now, their own Mankind’s survival depends on the bravery and ingenuity of the lonely astronaut. ”

In Gizmodo we read that the colonists who escaped to another planet have discovered that they are not capable of procreating, so they cannot guarantee the future of humanity. The only survivor, Blake (Nora Arnezeder), discovers children among the inhabitants of the planet.

It is then that her path intersects with that of a previous abandoned Earth explorer named Gibson (Iain Glen) believes it is time to bring her people home. The problem? That could end up destroying the lives of those who have worked hard to survive on Earth. The film features co-writer Mariko Minoguchi and director / co-writer Tim Fehlbaum, while Roland Emmerich of Independence Day is in charge of executive production.

Germany’s Constantin Film presents the first trailer and poster for ‘Tides’, a post-apocalyptic science fiction story co-written and directed by the Swiss Tim Fehlbaum (‘Hell’).

Roland Emmerich is the executive producer of this film set in the distant future and that revolves around an astronaut who is shipwrecked on Earth, decimated for a long time, and who must decide whether or not she wants the fate of the population left in the world. paramo.

Nora Arnezeder, Sarah-Sofie Boussnina, Joel Basman and Iain Glen lead the cast of this film whose world premiere will take place during the next Berlin Film Festival, without currently having a release date in theaters in their native Germany.

  • Director: Tim Fehlbaum
  • Writers: Tim Fehlbaum, Mariko Minoguchi, Jo Rogers
  • Production companies: Berghaus Wöbke Filmproduktion, Vega Film, Constantin Film
  • Country: Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom Production


If each Guatemalan Tides to think for a moment about the noises, prejudices and animosities that he carries, he will find negative feelings towards authorities, officials and former officials, but also towards certain sectors of the population on which he believes he is “clear about the film ”, as it is usually said, but when critically analyzing their approaches, they will surely find missing data, filled in by inertia, by other people’s judgments and even by perceptions generated, but not reliably verified, by the voices of social networks.

Being critical of reality does not mean automatic distrust, an instantaneous stereotype, Tides and much less an early disqualification. Unfortunately, the closure of certain public figures and the few readings exhibited by others create the widespread idea that foolishness, self-centeredness and existential voids are profusely scattered, when in reality such situations only make much more noise than responsibility and perseverance, virtues much more widespread but often silent, not self-promoting or self-conceited, so they go unnoticed, and yet their effect is enormous.

If more Guatemalans, inside and outside the country, Tides we considered, perhaps, the revision of our judgment criteria to clean them, make them more effective and functional, Tides we could be surprised in a few weeks of the emergence of a new citizen, more aware, more empathetic and no less critical, but willing to talk seriously about hot spots, controversial areas and even taboos that politicians and conflict sellers take advantage of to create disinformation, noise, more prejudice and more animosity.

How to start? Let’s say that all personal reasoning has Tides a purpose. What would be a good civic purpose that could be clearly stated and shared with neighbors and fellow citizens in conversations and digital forums? It is very likely that this expressed purpose seeks the solution of a problem, the answer to an enigma or the explanation of something that until now has not been understood. That objective must be identified.

Next, we must criticize ourselves and observe in our Tides claim what are the assumptions from which such an objective is emitted. Does something solve something just for me or for the whole community? Obviously, if I seek to be a new citizen, I prioritize the common good. That is, I try to have a global perspective of the situation to which I am trying to respond.
Then comes the most challenging part: what are the figures, the data, the indicators that would mark an improvement in the objective proposed at the beginning. Tides What would be the main mechanisms that I should work on myself and share with others to go after that solution, which may well be to purge the political system, repair the town’s sewers or improve waste collection. If it is possible to advance personally to this point and it is possible to dialogue with a neighbor, a co-worker to expand the idea, enrich it, listen to the criticism and suggestions of the other… we are before the seed of a new citizenship.

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